Membership Criteria

The Beauty Companies Association (bca) guards its reputation closely and takes its responsibility to the public, clients and employees very seriously. Therefore, membership is not granted freely as the bca imposes rigid criteria which all companies applying to join the Association must satisfy.




1.1 Corporate Members

All companies or firms who engage either exclusively or substantially (which is deemed to be 75% or more of annual turnover) in the beauty products sector and will be subject to conformance with the criteria described in section 2.


2.1 Applications for Full Membership

All applications for Membership shall be made on this form and be approved by the Membership Committee.

In particular the following information shall be ascertained:

(a) The number of years the applicant or the applicant’s nominated Principal or Director or representative of the senior management team has been engaged in the industry.

(b) Confirm that at least 75% of its turnover derives from the beauty products industry.

2.2 Conditions of Admission to Membership

All applications for Full Membership shall satisfy the following conditions for admission:

(a) Every application for Membership shall be vetted initially by the Membership Committee. If required (and provided the application conforms to the criteria set out above) the applicant’s nominated Principal or Director or representative of the senior management team shall be responsible for all aspects of continuing membership relations.

2.3 Annual Subscriptions

Upon becoming a Member of the Association, a new Member shall immediately pay an Annual Subscription, which rate is determined by the Executive Committee from time to time. The Annual Subscription to be paid by a new Member shall be calculated on a pro rata quarterly basis depending upon the date of admission in any one year of membership.

(a) The year of Membership shall be reckoned from 1 January to 31 December each year. All Members subscriptions are due on the 1 January in each year.

(b) If the Annual Subscription of any Member is unpaid within three months of the same becoming due, then Membership of the Association will automatically be terminated.

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