Members Code Of Conduct

This code of practice is proposed by the Beauty Companies Association (bca) and adherence to it will be a condition of membership of the association. The compliance arrangements are initial and annual self-certification.




1. The members of bca have agreed to operate according to this code of practice and to put in place arrangements to monitor the effectiveness of the code and to handle complaints about non-compliance with the code.

Our commitments

2. As members of bca we promise that we will –

  • Act fairly and reasonably when we deal with you.
  • Make sure that all our goods and services satisfy the requirements of this code.
  • Make sure all the information we give you is clear, fair and not misleading.
  • Protect any personal information, money and property that we hold or handle for you.
  • Handle complaints fairly and promptly.
  • Fully comply with all legal requirements.


3. We will make sure that all our promotional material is clear, fair and not misleading and that our advertising will be truthful, not misleading, in accordance with this code and wil comply with the standards set by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Meeting your needs

4. We will make sure, as far as possible, that the products and services we offer you will match your requirements.

Confidentiality and security

5. We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential to us and anyone else involved in providing our service, even when you are no longer a customer. We will not give anyone else any personal information about you except if you ask us or give us permission to do so or if we have to do so by law.

6. We will take appropriate steps to ensure that any money, documents, other property or information that we handle or hold for you is secure.


7. We will ensure that all relevant members of our staff are familiar with this code and adhere to it at all times.

Statements of good practice

8. We will take account of any statement of good practice issued by bca.


9. We operate the following complaints procedure –

  • In all promotional literature (although not necessarily advertisements) we will give a point of contact to whom complaints may be made.
  • We will consider complaints received from the public by any means, including telephone, letter, fax and e-mail.
  • Complaints will be thoroughly investigated, if possible by a person not concerned directly with the decision led to the complaint.
  • We will give you our final decision which will be in writing.
  • A complaint will normally be dealt with fully within one month of the date of receipt. If there are valid reasons for the consideration taking longer we will keep you fully informed.
  • If you are not satisfied with the final outcome you will be informed that you have the right to take the matter to bca, the trade association for the industry and will give you contact details.
  • We will co-operate fully with bca when it investigates a complaint and give careful consideration to any recommendation by bca on the handling of the complaint. However, the final decision will be ours.
  • Equally, using the complaints procedure does not affect your common law rights.