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Beauty Companies Association

4th Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, 5th May 2015

Notice is hereby formally given to all voting members that the Beauty Companies Association will hold the 4th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 5th May 2015 commencing at 13:00pm at the International Institute of Anti-Ageing, 12 Priestly Way, London, NW2 7AP.  We would like to invite members for a networking lunch at 12:30pm immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AGM is open to all members of the Association (the voting members), while associate members are welcome to attend as observers.

All members of the Beauty Companies associaiton are hereby invited to nominate themselves or other members as candidates for consideration as Directors.  The Nomination Form can be downloaded  here for this purpose which needs to be completed and returned to the Beauty Companies association in the manner described therein by noon on Monday, 27th April 2015.

At the AGM, voting members will be requested to cast their votes for the Ordinary Resolutions (principal business) of the meeting and any Special Resolutions received by noon on Monday, 27th April 2015 – click here for the AGM Agenda.

Voting members who are unable to attend the AGM may cast their votes in acordance with the Articles of Association.  The Proxy Form detailing all Resolutions which need to be voted on, will be sent to members on 28th April 2015.  Such proxy votes will be included in the vote and the AGM.